JemBiz Loans offers various types of Investment Real Estate Lending products that provide for quick loan decisions with competitive terms.  Terms sheets in 3-5 days.  Loans available Nationwide in the US with various property types:  Apartment Buildings, Multi-family, Retail, Shopping Plazas, Commercial Office Buildings, Self-storage, Self-Storage and Industrial Properties, available in both large and small markets.  Loans from $100,000 to $50 million (depending on the program).  Competitive rates (5 yr, 7 yr and 10 yr options) that beat most financial institutions, with quick approval.

 Loan options include:

A. Fully documented Commercial Mortgages

1. Commercial multifamily investment real estate financing on stabilized income producing real estate of $1 million to $50 million.  

  • Term sheets in 3 days.
  • Very competitive terms (5 yr, 7 yr and 10 yr fixed rates) for experienced commercial real estate property owners.
  • Terms up to 30 years
  • LTVs up to 80% 
  • Approvals in 10 business days

    2.  Small investment commercial mortgages on income producing investment real estate from $100,000 to $20 million.  Conduit, CMBS, Life Insurance company and conventional financing available.
    Properties types include:  Office buildings, retail type properties, single tenant professional or box buildings, Flag Hotels, Self-storage properties, apartment buildings, small investment (i to 5 units) properties and shopping plaza properties.

    Other loans types maybe available on a case by case basis, including private and hard money financing in selected markets.

B. Stated Real Estate Commercial Mortgages & Lite Doc Commercial Mortgages

​1,  Limited documentation loans on 2-4 units properties, multi-family apartments, commercial office buildings, single tenant properties, retail type properties, and some special purpose properties, from $100,000 to $5 million.

  • Conditional Approval in 5 Business Days or less
  • Closing 7 business days after receipt of Lender ordered third party appraisal.
  • up to 30 year terms
  • Up to 75% LTV on multifamily properties and 70% on other commercial property.
  • Up to 80% LTV under Lite Doc Program
  • Acquisition and refinancing.  
  • Cash out available on refinancing
  • Short term seasoning requirement before refinancing 
  • 3 year and 5 year fixed rates on Stated Real Estate
  • 5 year fixed rate and a 30 year fixed rate option under our Lite Doc Program.
  • No Tax returns required under our Stated Real Estate Program
  • Lite Doc Program can use 2 years Tax returns or 24 months Bank Statements

C. Private Lender Financing

  • Private Lender financing up to $1 million available in Florida
  • Hard money financing > $1 million in selected markets 

    D.  Specialty Real Estate Programs

          - Single Family Fix & Flip Program
          - Construction Loans

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Commercial Loan Application Requirements:

Fully Documented Investment Property Loan Checklist

1. JemBiz Com Invest Application Form
2. Property Operating Statement (Income and Expense) for Last Three Years
3. Current Operating Statement for the Property (Within 60 Days)
4. Property Current Rent Roll (and copy of leases)
5. Complete Personal Tax Returns for Last Three Years for All Principals
6. Personal Financial Statement for All Principals
7. Resume for Key Principals 
8. Credit Authorization and Authorization to Share Information


Stated (Limited Documentation) Real Estate Loan checklist:

1. JemBiz Loan Stated RE loan Application
2. Current Rent Roll on Property (or copies of leases)
​3, Two credit bureaus with Scores on all property owners's of 20% or more
    - Must have Mid Score of 650 to qualify for loan
4. Last two years Operating Statement on Property (if available)

Specialty Program Applications

Always provide a project summary describing your project.  If you have additional information that you can provide such as a property appraisal, environmental reports, property photos, current credit report(s), etc., please include as this will typically help with the approval process.

                                 For information please contact us at

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