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SBA Loans Nationwide for business growth, asset financing and business expansion.

SBA Loans

SBA7a Loans Nationwide for business growth and expansion.

SBA 504 Loans

SBA 504 mortgages and equipment loans nationwide, up to 90% financing.


JemBiz Loans offers Small Business Administration (SBA) loans through out the U.S. 

SBA Loans help support U.S. Business finance needs for:

  • Business Occupied (>51% square footage) Real Estate Acquisition or Refinancing
         - Financing up to 90% with Term up to 25 years
  • Equipment Financing 
         - Financing up to 90% with Term up to 10 years
  • Working Capital Needs
         - Financing of Inventory, expansion or other business working capital needs with Term up to 10 years. 

SBA Loans provide higher loan advances and longer terms than conventional loans, meaning access to more funds to help grow your business.  All loans are fully amortizing, no balloons and provide the comfort that as long as you are makng your monthly loan payments your loan will not be declared in default and demanded to be paid in full.

JemBiz Loans obtains Quick Term Sheets in 3-5 business days.  And unlike other SBA Lenders, JemBiz Loans makes its Lenders compete for the business meaning faster response with better terms.  JemBiz Loans knows that not all SBA Lenders fund the same type of businesses, same type of industries or same type of projects: each has their own niche.  JemBiz Loans matches the right Lenders for your business' specific need.

Loans from $150,000 to $5 million or greater (depending on the program).  

SBA Programs:

1) SBA Loan Guaranty Program (know as SBA7a and all of its Sub-programs)
    - A loan made by a financial institution Lender or Non-Bank SBA Lender where the SBA Guarantees 75% of the loan on loans over $150,000.
    - Most Flexible fully documented loan program available for businesses
2) SBA504 Loan Program
    - Loan Program for the purchase or refinance of Business Occupied Real Estate for established businesses showing a three year historical ability to support the loan.
    - Consists of two loans:
    1. A Senior loan for 50% or more of the acquisition price (or the lower of loan balance or appraised value on refinances)  
    2. A Junior loan for up to 40% of the acquisition price  (or the lower of loan balance or appraised value on refinances) 

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 SBA Loan Checklist

1. JemBiz SBA Application Form
2. Complete Business Tax Returns  for Last Three Years
3. Year-to-date Business Financials dated within 60 days of application
4. Business Debt Schedule 
5. Complete Personal Tax Returns for Last Three Years for All owners (of 15% ownership or greater)
6. Personal Financial Statement for all owners (of 15% ownership or greater)
7. Resume for Key Principals 
8. SBA Borrower Information Form 1919 on each owner
9. Credit Authorization and Authorization to Share Information
10.  Project Summary (what you are trying to do and include a source and use of funds)
11. Copies of Valid Driver's License or Governmental Issued ID for each Borrower.
12. A complete copy of a credit bureau report with score for each Borrower >15% (can be obtained for free at
13. Copy of last two months bank/investment statements showing sufficient available funds for equity contribution/down payment & closing costs.
If you have additional information that you can provide such as a property appraisal, environmental reports, property photos, current credit report(s), etc., please include as this will typically help with the approval process.

                                Download SBA Loan Application & SBA Form 1919 Below.

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