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JemBiz consulting 

JemBiz Consulting is your Community Bank or Credit Union solution to starting or reviewing your business lending operation to assure a successful loan program that accurately addresses and mitigates risks

JemBiz Consulting focuses on assisting new and existing financial institutions of $2 Billion or less in assets prepare sound and prudent business loan programs that properly address risk, regulatory scrutiny, and focus on best practices. 

What can JemBiz Consulting do for you? 


• If your Community Bank or Credit Union is thinking of offering a Business Lending Program, JemBiz Consulting will assist you in identifying your niche, developing a sound Business Loan offering, and implementing appropriate business loan policies and underwriting procedures to foster a successful Business Loan Program that meets regulatory guidelines. 
• If your Community Bank or Credit Union already has a Business Lending program, JemBiz will review your offering, policies and procedures to assure appropriate processes are in place to identify and minimize risk while being in compliance with regulatory guidelines. 
• JemBiz offers assistance in the development or the review of the business loan risk rating methodologies to assure appropriate and consistent loan risk rating are in place and portfolio trends are being monitored. JemBiz can assist with the Allowance Loan Loss Reserve (ALLL) methodologies and reporting requirements. 
• JemBiz can assist in the development of a risk-based loan pricing models that provide guidance for evaluating loans for consideration. 
• JemBiz also offers Loan Review Services to help manage the quality control in your business loan portfolio. 

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JemBiz offers its over 30-years of experience support through e-mail support service to answer any Credit Union question regarding:
• Specific Business Loan Application Review with Lender; 
• Business Loan or Commercial Real Estate Loan Structuring Guidance; 
• SBA Loan Support: Compliance with SBA Eligibility or Underwriting Guidance; 
• Business Loan Underwriting guidance; 
• Business Loan closing process guidance; 
• Guidance Support on non-credit Business products such as ACH, Business On-line,  Remote Capture, Merchant Services; 
• Workout Strategies and support
• OREO Strategies and support. 

JemBiz will provide 4 hours of telephone support, and 20 e-mails monthly of support to assist and provide mentoring for your Business Services VP or SVP (Credit Unions), or your Banking Business Manager (Community Banks).

Service available on a purchased per month basis for less than $500 or contracted quarterly.   Institutions located within a 100 miles radius of JemBiz may substitute the 4 hours of calls for a 3 hour on-site visit at your institution.


JemBiz has over 30-years experience in training Business Lenders and Underwriters. JemBiz will come out to your place of business and provide Business Loan Training in: 

• Basics to Business Lending; 
• Business Loan Structuring; 
• Understanding Cash Flow in Small to Mid-Size Businesses; 
• Understanding Investment Real Estate Cash Flow; 
• SBA 7a Guaranteed Loans and How to Utilize the Program; and 
• SBA 504 Lending and How it Maximize Your Profitability While Minimizing Risk. 


JemBiz provides Business Loan Underwriting Services to bridge: 
• A short term capacity problem if your underwriting team is backed up and needs for a loan to be underwritten quickly; or 
• A short term assignment to bridge a change in staff.


JemBiz, through JemBiz Loans, can  allow your institution to offer business loans of all types or specific niches immediately without the cost of a back-shop, while your institutions earns fee income. 

• Use JemBiz Loans to begin to offer Business Loans.  JemBiz Loans will handle the whole loan process while your institution earns fee income via a referral fee. Use it to learn the MBL business and keep only those loans you choose

 • Use JemBiz Loans to offer Niche loans to your members while retaining the relationship.  JemBiz Loans will place the loans with out of market non-competitors while allowing your institution to win or save the non-credit relationship. 

* Designated in-house loan staff will be trained, as well as management involved in the loan approval process. 

* Become our Credit Union MBL Partner to start offering business loans and let us process your MBL loan requests.  


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